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Just spend a wonderful 2 days along the Athens Riviera. I can sooo recommend a mini break to the Athens Riviera for anyone who misses the sunshine in November. Imagine no crowds. Empty beaches just for you. Some cafes and restaurants are still open plus it’s a great opportunity to really get to know the locals. Final bonus being the incredible hotel rates!

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The purpose of this visit was to meet the owner of Tailors Lover, a lovely online shop with the best selection of Greek dresses available. When I first started working with Tailors Lover a few months ago I was told the dresses were mainly for Summer. This visit however made me realise that due to the weight of some of the dresses, they’re actually perfect for Winder too. It’s simply a matte of styling them a little differently. I also fell in love with the cute new sandals which have been carefully designed during period of lockdown.

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A Greek Dress for Every Season

This post showcases 4 carefully selected dresses from Tailors Lover and my suggested styling for either Summer or Winter months.

  1. The maxi green dress

There’s something so carefree yet very special about the cut and length of this dress. No fuss and I’m already feeling like a Greek goddess – haha!

If you prefer to add shape to your dresses, simply add a belt and voila the dress is transformed.

2. Moving into mustard an non for Summer

When I saw this dress I just had to have it. It has come home with me and I’m planning on wearing it in Winter with suede knee high boots and my oversized cardigan.

I’m going to have to get that pompom bag for Summer too…

3. The black with velvet dress

The panels of this dress are velvet with specks of gold running through.

Teamed up with thick black leggings and biker boots – this makes for a super cute boho style festive dress.

4. Going for Christmas red

Life can’t be bad when your drink matches your Dres right – smile! In any case this red dress from Tailors Lover is certainly a must have for the Christmas season if you ask me.

I would also wear this dress in summer. Styled with black sandals or simple sneakers.

Where I stayed:

This visit I stayed in a cute family run hotel situated just across the road from the beach along the Athens Riviera:

My room:

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