Hi Everyone,

This is the one dress that really suits all shapes and sizes! There is of course one little catch to this and that is that it depends on how you style it. Whilst every shape and sized person can wear this dress, in order to make sure it looks great on them there are a few style tweaks to adhere to.

Needless to say age really does not matter. This dress can be worn at any age! In fact my dear Mum just bought herself a similar one last week and is wearing it in Winter in New Zealand. I smiled so much when she sent me the photo.

This post outlines the little tricks and tips to help you style this dress perfectly for you.

BTW if you have been looking for one of these Greek style dresses – the best online site out with the hugest variety of designs and colours is Tailors Lover.

My dress is from “Devotion Twins”, currently on sale and available online here. Note that whilst the dress is on sale this is no reflection of whether it will still be fashionable next summer. This style of dress has made its’ way to becoming a wardrobe staple – everyone needs at least one in their wardrobe. Perfect for both cooler summer days or if you are trying to protect yourself from getting sunburnt.

Keep reading for more about the one dress that really suits all shapes and sizes!

For the Petite

If you are super petite this dress looks fabulous worn with a belt around the middle. Team it up with sneakers or cute sandals. You might even like to team this dress with a pair of heels for date night.

Try adding a huge straw floppy hat for extra effect.

For the super Tall

Definitely stick with flat shoes (sneakers or sandals) or booties with a very small heel.

Depending on how short the dress is on you stay away from cross body bags as this will make it even shorter. Instead go for a fun straw bag to complete the look.

For the Average sized person

Do wear a cross body bag to give the dress a little shape whilst still keeping the fun of having a free floating dress around the waist. You might also choose to wear two bags – a little cross body and a shopper for fun.

Shoes should be left up to whatever you feel like but if you are going to team the dress with high heeled dressy shoes make sure you team it with a dressy going out bag too.

Belt it sometimes for a more dressy look if you wish but do make sure the belt sits firmly around the waist.

For the Fuller person

This dress will look great on you too. Being quite wide and volumous at the bottom means it gives an overall slimming effect to the legs. Do stay away from a cross body bag though. Instead this dress will look great on you teamed up with a matching shopper.

OMG just imagine a pretty mauve shopper with this dress, oversized floppy straw hat and pretty white sneakers with mauve laces!

Wishing you lots of fun styling and wearing your Devotion Twins dress – remember every wardrobe needs one – smile!