Salt & Pepper
Having a dedicated team of specialists , Salt & Pepper Jeans Co. has in-depth knowledge on the development and the aesthetic destruction of denim as a material.
Being one of the most resilient fabrics in the fashion industry , denim has transformed the way we perceive durable and long lasting clothing. Salt & Pepper Jeans Co is working with all the main denim fabrics from selvedge , raw , stretch and rigid, each one carefully selected from the top mills worldwide.
The production of all our jeans is done in Greece and overlooked directly by the founders and their team ensuring that each piece is made to the standards that the company is known for.
Detailing that matters
The main idea is for our customers to love and use our jeans for years to come , so we are excited to push to the limits of our creativity and detailing to the highest level.
That means each season there are unique concepts that get explored from the finishes and treatments to the rivets, buttons and hardware we use.
The perfect fit
As jeans are such a classic garment for the outfit of any fashion conscious individual it has to be the perfect fit according to its unique body shape and style preference. This proved to be a challenging task that the in-house design studio had to overcome for the search of perfection.
The answer was to provide for each collection a number of different shapes to cover the widest variety of styles from ultra skinny to loose and for high rise to low.